LIDL-BIKE in Berlin

Comfortable and well-kept, LIDL-BIKEs are the perfect addition to your public transport options as you criss-cross the German capital from Tiergarten S-Bahn stop to Ostbahnhof station or from Mauerpark to Potsdamer Platz. 

Simply register here on the website or via our smartphone app to use the LIDL-BIKE system in Berlin. Select the Comfort option to get the first 30 minutes of each trip free of charge if you return your LIDL-BIKE to one of the 350 drop-off zones dotted around the city.

If you're planning a trip to Berlin and you would like to get to know the city and put slow traffic, noise and crowded trains behind you, get more information on our daypass for tourists.

How LIDL-BIKE works in Berlin:

Mobile phone

Hiring via mobile phone

There are two ways to hire a bike with your mobile phone.
If you have a smartphone, you can use our app to see the available bikes and drop-off points in your vicinity. It only takes a few clicks to hire a bike and set off.
If you don't have a smartphone, just call the phone number on the handlebar display.
Then enter the release code using the display and you're good to go.

Temporary break

Short stop? No problem!

If you want to park your bike for a short while but use it again afterwards, you can simply activate the take-a-break function and your bike will remain available to you only. When you lock the bicycle, a question appears in the display asking if you want to take a break. If you select "Yes", your bicycle will not appear on the map, i.e. no other users can see it. The release code you received when you hired the bike remains unchanged, and it is still available in the app.


Arrived at your destination?

The LIDL-BIKE can be returned within the S-Bahn circle. If you return your bike in one of the 350 drop-off zones you'll get a bonus of EUR 0,50. Lock the bike and select "No" when the display asks if you are taking a break. And that's it – you don't need to do anything else, and the bicycle is now available to other LIDL-BIKE users.

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