StadtRAD Hamburg

Call a Bike customers can also use bikes in Hamburg's StadtRAD system to explore the north German city quickly, easily and inexpensively. You can find bike stands at prominent locations throughout Hamburg.

To make room for our new bikes, we will spend January withdrawing the old ones from service and upgrading our docking stations. In February 2019, our service will be available in the form of a brand new (and larger) fleet of bicycles.

The first 30 minutes are always free, so short StadtRAD trips cost you nothing. If you need a bike for longer, they cost EUR 0.10 per minute, or EUR 15 for a full day. However, if you have a BahnCard or are a customer of the city's HVV transport association, you only pay EUR 0.08 per minute.

If you're planning a trip to Hamburg and you would like to get to know the city and put slow traffic, noise and crowded trains behind you, get more information on our daypass for tourists.

How StadtRAD Hamburg works


Hiring by phone

There are two possibilities to rent a StadtRAD by phone. 
If you have a smartphone, hiring via our StadtRAD Hamburg app is the easiest way. The bikes in your direct environment are displayed and with only a few clicks a bike is rented. 
If you don't have a smartphone, call the number in the red box on the cover of the bike's lock and confirm the rental via phone. Now touch the display at the bike's lock in order to open it. Done! 

Temporary stops

Want a break? No problem

What if you want to call into a shop for a moment? It's no problem at all, regardless whether you've hired a bike for a full day or just a short while. Just use the bolt to lock your StadtRAD bike, and then use your release code to unlock it again. The display briefly shows the code when you're locking the bike, but if you need to, you can always access it again via the customer portal or your smartphone's app.


Ending journeys

You can return your bike to any stand: just slot it into a free space and lock it. If no spaces are available, simply lock it close to the stand. Press the button on the right of the lock, which automatically registers that you are returning your bike. Confirmation that you have successfully returned the bike briefly appears on the display.
Hope to see you again soon!

Find your bike in Hamburg

Download map

Here you'll get a map of Hamburg including all StadtRAD stands.  PDF-Map Hamburg