FordPass Bikesharing in Cologne

Many roads lead through Cologne, and a bike is always the best way to get around them. FordPass bikes are available everywhere between the suburbs of Lindenthal and Deutz, Nippes and Bayenthal. With one registration you'll have access to 2.000 bikes which you can hire and return at more than 220 stands.

To use the system, all you have to do is register on this website or the smartphone app. Basic option users pay just EUR 1 for every 30 minutes and max. EUR 15 for a full day. BahnCard holders, students and senior citizens enjoy even better prices.

If you're planning a trip to Cologne and you would like to get to know the city and put slow traffic, noise and crowded trains behind you, get more information on our daypass for tourists.

That's how FordPass Bikesharing works in Cologne

Hiring via app / phone

Hiring via app or phone

1. Select the bike number via the free Call a Bike app. 
2. The system issues you with a release code. 
3. Touch the display and enter the code.
4. The display prompts you to press the lock/unlock button. The lock is located on the back wheel. Press the red button to open it, and you're good to go.

Temporary break

Temporary break

If you want to stop for a while, lock your bike and confirm you are taking a break (by pressing yes/Ja in the display). The release code remains unchanged.

Returning bikes

Returning bikes

Bring your bike to a stand and lock it by pressing the red button on the lock and sliding the bolt downwards. Finished!