A clean deal

Call a Bike makes great sense from an economical and ecologically viewpoint. Using our bike hire scheme eliminates unnecessary CO2 emissions, and you can also avoid the annoyance of getting stuck in traffic.

There's no environmentally friendlier way to get around: when you use our CallBikes, you make a personal contribution to reducing emission levels and safeguarding natural resources. 
Compare the ecological footprints of cars and bikes during the commute to work, and you can see that cycling cuts CO2 emissions by an average of 3.4 tonnes a year. In other words, you get to stay mobile while being aware of the good deed you're doing. Being green can be so convenient.

  • No emissions
  • Mobility without road congestion
  • Health benefits

Sturdy, easy-to-use and excellent design, our bikes are second to none.

Our apps are designed for iOS, Android and Windows Phone: all mobile devices and always free.


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